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Who is TheFabledAble?

Hello! My name is Micah and I am an illustrator & writer currently DMing and designing homebrew content for D&D5e. After getting into D&D a few years back all my passions and interests clicked into place; world building, illustration, game design, role play, fantasy/sci-fi, and character writing! Now I am hard at work to bring these fantastical worlds to life as a professional dungeon master online.

The joy of being a Dungeon Master

"If you want an enthusiastic DM

who cares about the comfort of his players, Micah's your guy. His games are inclusive, full of adorable and vibrant characters, and super fun!"


"Micah is a great GM who really pulls out the stops when running a game. He's able to really breathe life into NPCs and give the story weight and meaning."


"Able is one of the most passionate and engaging DM's I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. Coming from another DM, I know how much work he must put in before each session to give them the quality that they do, and it really shows in the enjoyment of the game."


Designing dungeons and battle maps to provide interesting obstacles and challenges for my players to overcome. Creating the perfect atmosphere through music, dialogue, descriptions and sound effects. Creating stories that both entertain and surprise my players. Making weird npcs my players will have a riot interacting with. Incorporating the player character’s backstory and motivations in interesting ways throughout the narrative through npc & environment interactions.

Sources of Inspiration

Video Games such as knights of the old republic 2, bloodborne, dark souls, pillars of eternity and divinity original sin 2 all come to mind. The book Dune has been a huge inspiration in all my creative work. Movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Snowpiercer, Dredd, Bladerunner 2049, and Arrival which have excellent character writing and world building. For comics I love me some manga like Berserk, One Piece, and Pluto. Worlds that all feel fleshed out and vibrant, places you want to dive into and explore.

My Favorite moment as DM

On a snowy mountain peak my players slayed a group of warlocks attempting to corrupt a silver dragon egg. They saved the egg, fended

off a frost giant skeleton and then caused an avalanche to stop a nearby demonic invasion! Huzzah! 

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